Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Genesis

I have yearned in multiple occasions to share the good, the bad and the ugly experiences i have had but i often feel vulnerable :-(. With no further ado let me narrate how i got here, you may be wondering where exactly? I am currently in School of Nursing and if you had asked me 4years ago if i thought i would be in nursing school the answer would be a big no. 
When i was in high school i had a career advisor, on one of my visit to her she asked me what i would like to do and i said anything but not nursing. At that time i was flunking my physics class (irrelevant to nursing right?) and human bio class (relevant).  So i told her i would do anything but not nursing and and my reason as to why i didn't want to do nursing was not valid enough  therefore she said you'll come back one day and tell me you are doing nursing. In my mind i was thinking yeah right we'll see about that. 
When i reflect as to why i never wanted to become a nurse is because nurse's are looked down upon often, there's the notion anyone can do nursing or that nursing is a walk in the park but in all honesty if that's what you think you are in for a shock. Nursing school is challenging but beautifully doable. The beautiful part is the clinicals where you get to apply the knowledge you have gained from all the different units you have learnt.

The interesting thing is i never understood that people actually studied in order to excel, i just thought people woke up everyday and they remembered everything they learnt in class. My mother always bought me the compulsory books plus the recommended ones but in all honesty i barely ever read any of them.  I just though a miracle would happen or in actual fact i didn't think about it. So my last 2 years of high school i was passing but not excelling and i knew i was in trouble but i though there was nothing i could do. When i think about it now my final major exams i am sure i stressed and talked about studying more when in actual fact i studied less than 2hrs and for some other papers i never studied. Well when the results came out i had just passed, to cut the story short i went to MIT for 3 months and there i flunked another unit anyway fast forward again it was time for uni to start and honestly i had no idea what i wanted to do. At first it was criminology then it was something else and eventually i settled for chemistry. Quite frankly there was that ahem reaction of when i would tell someone i am studying chemistry and mineral science. Anyway during that time i was THE representative of dressing up and applying makeup (at that time this eye-brows on fleek did not exist), i missed most of my tutes and yo i was struggling but i was playing cool hehehe. So Semester 2 2013 my mom was on my case and saying i need to get my life together and nursing school was THE option.

So i sent an application through to my current university and i was accepted #yippee happy dance#  with a scholarship offer God is good ooo!! Off i went and my first semester in i said to myself i will put some effort in, to cut the story short from the first time i walked into Curtin i loved it and i felt i belonged there. I challenged myself to read and for the first time it actually hit me that people actually do read and excel also the more you read the more knowledge you have and the best thing with health sciences it's applicable in all areas of life.

Being in nursing school is a blessing and i am really getting to learn more and more about myself and i wouldn't really like to trade the experiences i am gaining from Curtin. I wear this uniform proudly because i know i deserve it and i am doing all i can to make it through. With God nothing is impossible.

                                         Thanks for reading


  1. Inspiring and we'll articulated experience.

  2. Just lovely. Again, there's a reason you are in nursing school... you'll touch someone's life in ways you could never imagine. Proud of you for sharing! Whoop whoop!