Thursday, 8 February 2018

Twenty Eighteen

I am back at it. Well may i re-introduce myself, my name is Hilda but you can decide on whether you want to call me  Hilda, Hilzy, Hildy, Ida or whatever else you can desire. However, i take pride in being called Hilda as it was given to me by a very special lady. I can't believe i did not dare to write anything on this platform for over a year. You see i have a fear of my work being noticed and  quite often i struggle with receiving compliments.  However, i am learning to say thank you and taking all the positive energy in. I believe 2018 is my year, i will be doing things that will ultimately frighten me and push me to the limits

Well for starters, my graduation is in exactly 3 days!!! i am super excited because i'll be ticking off an accomplishment. In all honesty i knew i'd go to uni but i never knew about graduating. It's GRACE, by His grace i am graduating. I don't know whether i'll be crying when i'll be walking through that stage or i'll freeze when my name is called. But all in all i am excited. 
Took this sunset pic at Champion Lake (It's a man made lake)

In exactly 10 days i will be jumping into a plane to go chase my dreams. I intend to share my travels on the things i'll be doing. I expect to be challenged, to learn, be a better person and most of all make a positive impact on an individual or people in the community.  To say i am not scared will be an absolute lie because finances will come into play. But i am choosing to trust my God because he will take care of me.  

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